Academy of Realist Art

Omeed Jasar

Omeed studied for a year at Centennial College and four years at OCAD University, where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts. Starting his studies at the Academy of Realist Art in September 2017, Omeed was a two-time ARA scholarship winner before joining our faculty in September 2020.

Encountering a lack of focus on technical training during his time in university, Omeed was motivated to seek out atelier training to learn to bring the imagery in his mind to life. He values the technical artistic knowledge taught at the Academy, as it deepens the artist’s understanding of the physical world and the relationships of light, form, space, and depth.

“What I love about learning in the atelier manner is that there are no limits to how much further one can push their abilities and knowledge in this manner of art making. My goal is to bring out some of the vivid fantastical imagery from my mind and into the physical world: to use the tools of technical skill and to choose how I wish to utilize and bend the rules at my own will. There really are few limits to how much further this knowledge can be expanded, and I hope to keep absorbing as much as I can.”