Academy of Realist Art

In the Studios of Zorn

27 Sep, 2024
29 Sep, 2024

Duration: 3 days
Location: ARA Toronto
Instructor: Fernando Freitas
Full Price: $450
Deposit Required: $150

In the Studios of Zorn


Anders Zorn achieved a versatile range of flesh tones with just four paints on his palette. This limited palette can teach students a streamlined way of capturing complex variations of colour. It’s a great way for painters to build a solid foundation for colour mixing.

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In this engaging workshop that embodies the artistic essence of Anders Zorn, students will embark on a thorough exploration of his techniques and color palette. They will immerse themselves in a detailed study of Zorn’s unique approach to color, delving deep into the subtle complexities of his palette choices and his skillful depiction of flesh tones. Moving beyond the boundaries of traditional color theory, students will actively investigate the fundamental principles that underpinned Zorn’s distinctive artistic vision.

Zorn’s artistic style is distinguished by his expert use of color and light, as well as his exceptional ability to capture the essence of his subjects with unparalleled precision and emotion. Notably celebrated for his portraiture, Zorn was revered for his ability to convey the personalities and emotions of his subjects with a sense of immediacy and depth.

By closely analyzing and replicating select works by Zorn as sources of reference, students will refine their technical skills in color mixing and cultivate a discerning eye for composition, light, and shadow. Through a series of structured exercises and group discussions, students will navigate the intricate terrain of Zorn’s artistic world, extracting the core elements of his methodology and translating them into their own unique artistic language.

This workshop promises a transformative and intellectually enriching experience for artists of all levels. By fully immersing themselves in the esteemed legacy of Zorn’s artistry and embracing his guiding principles, participants will emerge with not only an enhanced mastery of color theory but also a renewed sense of creative freedom and self-expression. Going beyond mere technical instruction, this workshop encourages participants to embark on a profound journey of artistic exploration.

The class will meet at our studio from 10 am – 4 pm ET each day.

Full workshop price is $450, and a $150 deposit is required to save your easel. The balance will be due on the first day of the workshop.

Painting by Anders Zorn


Oil Colours

  • Titanium white or lead (Cremnitz) white
  • Yellow ochre, or yellow ochre light or pale
  • Cad red med or vermillion (preferred), or an earth red (Venetian or English red)
  • Lamp black or ivory black
Note: Purchase only Artist Grade paints. Do not use Winton or water soluble paints.


  • Odorless mineral spirits (GamSol). Turpentine is NOT permitted in the studio.


  • 2-3 canvas boards or canvas pad taped to a board, 8.5"x11" to 9"x12"
Optional: Your canvases for this workshop can be prepared ahead of time with a mid-value grey imprimatura: an initial stain of oil paint diluted with mineral spirits, and applied over the entire surface of the canvas. We suggest trying to match the swatch below as best you can using a mixture of white, black, and raw umber, well mixed with a palette knife. You will need approximately half a ping pong ball-sized amount. You can transfer this to a disposable pie plate to dilute slowly with mineral spirits until the mixture is the consistency of house paint. Apply it with a brush over the entire canvas and set aside for at least 2 weeks to dry completely. To speed up drying, you can add a drying agent, like Liquin or another alkyd dryer, before applying.


  • Palette (Select one of the following): Glass, wood or paper (Grey Matters)
  • 2 palette knives; long blades
  • 2 medium cups (small cups with lids for holding medium or mineral spirits)
  • 2 small jars for cleaning brushes
  • Mahl stick (a ½ inch diameter dowel approximately 30 inches)
  • Rags or paper towels or shop towels

Brushes (either natural or synthetic hair)

Bring a good selection whatever brushes you have in a variety of sizes.


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